Foreign Direct Investment


A Case Study of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Oil Pipeline Project

Author: Terra Lawson-Remer
Hart Publishing Ltd.

Terra Lawson-Remer argues that the International Finance Corporation (the member of the World Bank Group responsible for financing private-sector projects) can and should require inclusion of commitments regarding sustainable development and human rights in the legal covenants that often govern large private-sector investments.

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News Release

Congress and the Administration Should Not Overreact to Limit Foreign Direct Investment in the U.S.

Responding to recently proposed Congressional legislation in the wake of the Dubai Ports World controversy, a new Special Report argues that the “Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States has proved to be—and continues to be—an effective tool for vetting the national security concerns associated with foreign investment. If Congress fails to achieve the right balance, U.S. companies and workers could feel the repercussions for years to come.”

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McKinsey Executive Roundtable Series in International Economics: Inward Investment and U.S. National Security [Transcript; Federal News Service, Inc.]

Speakers: Kenneth G. Lieberthal, Patrick A. Mulloy, and William A. Reinsch
Presider: Jeffrey R. Shafer

Patrick Mulloy, Commissioner of the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission, Bill Reinsch, President of the National Foreign Trade Council, and Kenneth Lieberthal, Professor at the University of Michigan, discuss foreign investment in the U.S. in relation to national security, with a focus on the U.S.-China relationship and the attempted purchase of Unocal by China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC).

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Must Read

CRS Report: The Exon-Florio National Security Test for Foreign Investment

Author: James K. Jackson

This report analyzes the proposed acquisition of six major U.S. ports by Dubai Ports World and Unocal by the China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC), which has sparked intense concerns among some Members of Congress and the public and has reignited the debate over what role foreign acquisitions play in U.S. national security.

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Primary Sources

Bretton Woods Agreements

The purposes of the Bank are:

(i) To assist in the reconstruction and development of territories of members by facilitating the investment of capital for productive purposes, including the restoration of economies destroyed or disrupted by war, the reconversion of productive facilities to peacetime needs and the encouragement of the development of productive facilities and resources in less developed countries.

(ii) To promote private foreign investment by means of guarantees or participations in loans and other investments made by private investors; and when private capital is not available on reasonable terms, to supplement private investment by providing, on suitable conditions, finance for productive purposes out of its own capital, funds raised by it and its other resources.

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