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Reducing Deforestation to Fight Climate Change

Deforestation is a major man-made source of greenhouse gas emissions, and is especially significant in countries with large tropical forests. CFR hosted a workshop designed to draw lessons from Brazil’s recent success at limiting deforestation, understand why countries such as Indonesia have so far struggled, and identify ways to further reduce deforestation.

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Foreign Affairs Article

A Light in the Forest

Author: Jeff Tollefson

Since 1988, Brazilians have cleared more than 153,000 square miles of Amazonian rain forest, devastating the environment and driving global climate change forward ever faster. Recently, however, Brazil has changed its course, reducing the rate of deforestation by 83 percent since 2004. At the same time, it has become a test case for a controversial international climate-change prevention strategy that places a monetary value on the carbon stored in forests.

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Must Read Authors: Sam Lawson and Larry MacFaul

This in-depth study of twelve producer, processing and consumer countries demonstrates that actions taken by governments, civil society and the private sector over the last ten years in response to illegal logging and related trade have been extensive and had a considerable impact.

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Deforestation in Peru's Amazon

Peru's rainforest may be the next region of major deforestation unless measures are taken to avoid it, says environmental advocate Bruce Cabarle. He notes that a new international agreement on climate change is essential to efforts by countries to combat deforestation.

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Greenpeace: Cool Farming: Climate impacts of agriculture and mitigation potential

Authors: Bente Foereid, Astley Hastings, Pete Smith, and Jessica Bellarby

Agriculture is one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases. Greenpeace’s new report Cool Farming details the destructive practices resulting from industrial agriculture and presents workable solutions to help reduce its contribution to climate change.

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Oxfam: The Tsunami Two Years On: Land Rights in Aceh

Two years ago the Asian tsunami devastated the Indonesian province of Aceh. A huge amount of rebuilding has been done but thousands of the poorest Acehnese families have yet to be re-housed; the wave washed away their land and also many documents showing who owned land in Aceh. According to this report from the development charity Oxfam the question of who owns what land is now an urgent issue that must be solved if Acehnese society is to be rebuilt on a secure footing.

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Science: Warming and Earlier Spring Increase Western U.S. Forest Wildfire Activity

Authors: Anthony L. Westerling, Hugo G. Hidalgo, Daniel R. Cayan, and Thomas W. Swetnam

A report published in Science shows that large wildfire activity increased suddenly and markedly in the mid-1980s, with higher large-wildfire frequency, longer wildfire durations, and longer wildfire seasons. The cause: increasing temperatures and climate change.

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