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CRS: Legal Issues Related to the Lethal Targeting of U.S. Citizens Suspected of Terrorist Activities

Author: Jennifer K. Elsea

This memorandum from the Congressional Research Service attempts to clarify the debate over lethal targeting of U.S. citizens with suspected ties to terrorist activites by providing legal background, setting forth what is known about the Administration's positionz and identifying possible points of contention among legal experts and other observers.

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Media Conference Call: Tensions in the U.S.-China Relationship

Speaker: Jerome A. Cohen
Presider: Bernard Gwertzman

As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner head to Beijing for the annual Security and Economic Dialogue, the U.S.-China relationship faces diplomatic tension over the status of activist Chen Guangcheng, China's currency, China's leadership transition, and other issues. CFR's Jerome Cohen, an expert on law and business in China, discusses the U.S. relationship with China and the implications of these tensions.

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The Big Squeeze

Author: Jerome A. Cohen
South China Morning Post

Jerome A. Cohen looks at various types of incommunicado detention in China, and discusses what Bo Xilai could face under "shuanggui," a widely feared internal disciplinary action that is outside the reach of Chinese law.

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Global Governance in a Changing World

Interviewer: Stewart M. Patrick
Interviewee: Thierry de Montbrial

In the wake of the debate over electing a non-American president of the World Bank, CFR's Stewart Patrick and Thierry de Montbrial of the French Institute for International Relations discuss the challenges of reforming global institutions to include emerging powers.

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