Global Governance

Primary Sources

President Obama's Address to the Nation on Syria, September 2013

President Obama spoke to the American public on September 10, 2013, about the U.S. government's response to the Assad regime's use of chemical weapons. He requested Congress to delay its vote on the proposed military strike, in order to address Russia's proposal of Syria handing over chemical weapons to the international community.

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Primary Sources

Chinese Communist Party: Communiqué on the Current State of the Ideological Sphere

This communiqué (also known as Document 9, 9号文件 ) outlines how the Chinese Communist Party can resist what the Party considers ideological threats from "Western value systems," such as civil society organizations and universal values. The document also offers a definition of constitutionalism and human rights for China. Originally published in September 2013 by Mingjing Magazine, the Asia Society's ChinaFile translated and republished it with permission.

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