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The Sick Man of Asia

Author: Yanzhong Huang

Yanzhong Huang argues that in their single-minded pursuit of economic growth, China's leaders have long overlooked public health--which, by some measures, is now worse than under Mao. Despite recent reforms, China's citizens keep getting sicker, threatening the country's health-care system, the economy at large, and even the stability of the regime.

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AIDS at 30: Getting Policy and Funding Right

Speaker: Laurie Garrett

On the heels of the 30th anniversary since AIDS was recognized, the UN General Assembly will meet to discuss the next course of HIV/AIDS funding. CFR Senior Fellow for Global Health Laurie Garrett traces the initial failures to contain the spread of AIDS, and calls on international policymakers to adequately fund the combat of the deadly disease.

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The AIDS Pandemic at 30 Years: Can It Be Stopped?

Speakers: Michelle Bachelet, Paul De Lay, and Robert C. Orr
Presider: Seth Berkley

Experts discuss the advancements on AIDS prevention during the last three decades. Robert Orr, the UN assistant secretary general for strategic planning and policy coordination, argues that policymakers should continue addressing the social functions of AIDS to maintain UNAIDS' bold platform.

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