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The AIDS Pandemic at 30 Years: Can It Be Stopped?

Speakers: Michelle Bachelet, Paul De Lay, and Robert C. Orr
Presider: Seth Berkley

Experts discuss the advancements on AIDS prevention during the last three decades. Robert Orr, the UN assistant secretary general for strategic planning and policy coordination, argues that policymakers should continue addressing the social functions of AIDS to maintain UNAIDS' bold platform.

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Must Read

The Center for Public Integrity: The false promise and big profits of 'mini-med' health plans

Author: Wendell Potter

In 2014 "mini-meds" or health care policies that feature high deductibles, modest benefits and low annual caps on medical coverage will be banned. Wendell Potter analyzes how many large insurance companies are securing wavers  to continue providing the heavily contested, but highly profitable policies.

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Renewing America

Renewing America

Malpractice Methodology

Author: Peter R. Orszag
New York Times

Peter Orszag argues that the health care legislation enacted by Congress earlier this year does many things right.  However, lawmakers did miss an important opportunity to shield from malpractice liability any doctors who followed evidence-based guidelines in treating their patients.

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