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CRS: Egypt in Transition

Author: Jeremy M. Sharp

This report provides a brief overview of the transition underway and information on U.S. foreign aid to Egypt. U.S. policy toward Egypt has long been framed as an investment in regional stability, built primarily on long-running military cooperation and sustaining the March 1979 Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty.

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The Forgotten Cold War: Twenty Years Later, Myths About U.S. Victory Persist

Author: Leslie H. Gelb
The Daily Beast

Leslie H. Gelb says that twenty years after the end of the Cold War, persisting myths about a U.S. victory based on military spending and toughness blind today's policymakers from seeing clearly what actually won the Cold War and what matters most in 21st-century global affairs—the strength of the U.S. economy.

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Foreign Affairs Article

Making Modernity Work

Author: Gideon Rose

Today's troubles are real, but not ideological: they relate more to policies than to principles. The postwar order of mutually supporting liberal democracies with mixed economies solved the central challenge of modernity, reconciling democracy and capitalism. The task now is getting the system back into shape.

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