Humanitarian Intervention

Primary Sources

UN Secretary-General's Report: Implementing the Responsibility to Protect, 2009

According to the Responsiblity to Protect's (RtoP) summary of core documents, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon released this report on January 12, 2009, to explains how RtoP will operate and the actors involved. Ban Ki-moon envisioned RtoP implementation based on three pillars: "1) the protection responsibilities of the state, 2) international assistance and capacity building, and 3) timely and decisive response to prevent and halt genocide, ethnic cleansing, war crimes and crimes against humanity."

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Must Read

HSRP: Human Security Brief 2007

Human Security Report Project compiles research on the trends, causes, and consequences of political violence. This Brief specifically focuses on three main issues: the threat of Islamist terrorism is not increasing as many experts claim; the number and deadliness of armed conflicts in sub-Saharan Africa has declined due in part to a significant increase in international initiatives; there has been little net change in recent years in the number of conflicts in which a government is one of the warring parties, but that other forms of political violence, including communal conflicts, have declined.

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