Humanitarian Intervention

Teaching Module

Teaching Module: Perspectives on the Postwar Reconstruction "Fiasco"'

Author: David L. Phillips

Why should the United States care about rogue regimes or failed states? Simply put, unstable regimes are a threat to U.S. interests. Terror groups and criminal networks find haven in weak or failed states. They exploit porous borders to move people, money, weapons, and drugs. Human security is affected when government institutions are unable to meet basic needs or provide essential services. Poverty, disease, and humanitarian emergencies have transnational implications. Not only are conflict prevention and nation-building investments in U.S. security, they are also consistent with American ideals.

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Prendergast: International Pressure Needed to End Violence, Insecurity in Sudan

John Prendergast interviewed by Mary Crane

Millions of Sudanese continue to live in fear of violence because of the unsettled conflict in western Darfur. Also, a one-year-old peace deal ending a long civil war between Sudan’s mainly Muslim north and the animist and Christian south has still not produced a national unity government as planned. The International Crisis Group’s John Prendergast tells international pressure is needed for real change in Sudan.

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Analysis Brief

Debate Grinds On Over Darfur

The three-year conflict in Darfur continues as the United Nations prepares to send a peacekeeping mission to replace the ineffectual African Union (AU) presence in Sudan. Human rights advocates say the Darfur situation highlights the international community's inability to protect civilians when their governments are unable or unwilling to help.

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Teaching Module

Teaching Module: More Than Humanitarianism: A Strategic U.S. Approach Toward Africa

Author: Princeton N. Lyman

This Council-sponsored Independent Task Force Report argues that Africa is becoming steadily more central to the United States and to the rest of the world in ways that transcend humanitarian interests. The module supports the report's comprehensive policy recommendations with multimedia resources that explore in greater detail the most pressing issues facing Africa today.

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