Council on Foreign Relations Half-Day Symposium on Latin America, America Latin: The Dynamics of Immigration and Integration in the Western Hemisphere

Speakers: Cyrus Mehta, Deborah Meyers, Stephen Pitti, and Igor Timofeyev

This panel examined the history of immigration policy in this country, the impact of immigration on American culture, the challenges facing immigrants under the current system, and the implications of the legislative proposals now being debated.

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News Release

Congress’s Proposed Guest Worker Program Deeply Flawed, Finds New Council Report

Author: Gordon Hanson

While immigration policy reform is long overdue, the solutions now being considered by Congress are unlikely to solve the problem, says a new Council Special Report. By creating a guest worker scheme that replicates the flaws of the current legal immigration system, Congress is failing to understand the economic incentives that drive illegal immigration. “In their efforts to gain control over illegal immigration, Congress and the administration need to be cautious that the economic costs do not outstrip the putative benefits,” warns the report, The Economic Logic of Illegal Immigration.

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