Information Warfare

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US Army: Ethics, Counterinsurgency, and Perceptions in the Information Era

Author: Steven P. Basilici

This study by Major Steven P. Basilici argues that when physical actions that are not consistent with a nation's stated values are introduced into the information environment, they can be strategically adverse to that nation. Stated another way, in the present Information Era, it is very difficult for a government, especially a foreign, democratic government, to win a counterinsurgent war when the actions of their soldiers do not consistently support stated values.

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Barack, Don't Go to Baghdad

Author: Peter Beinart
Time Magazine

Peter Beinart warns Barack Obama that taking a guided tour of Iraq will allow the tour guide—usually an American officer or diplomat—to decide what the senator gets to see and potentially distort his perception of the war.

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American Universities in the Middle East: Agents of Change in the Arab World

Speakers: David Arnold, Joseph Jabbra, Winfred Thompson, and John Waterbury
Presider: Lee Bollinger

The four American university presidents in the Middle East discuss the importance and value of American-style liberal arts education in Egypt, Lebanon, and the Gulf, and how it can work to create social change in the Arab world.

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