International Finance


A Conversation with Lael Brainard (Audio)

Speaker: Lael Brainard
Presider: Faryar Shirzad

Lael Brainard, undersecretary for international affairs at the U.S. Department of Treasury, outlines the discussion between President Obama and President Hu Jintao, as well as the effect of the financial regulatory reform on the international agenda at the treasury for the upcoming year.

This meeting was part of the C. Peter McColough Series on International Economics.

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Currency Wars, Capital Controls, and the Outlook for the International Monetary System (Audio)

Speakers: Ajay Shah, Benn Steil, and Alan M. Taylor
Introductory Speaker: Richard N. Haass
Presider: Sebastian Mallaby

Experts discuss the the current global economy and their skepticism of effective capital control, as well as the future of currency pegging, fixed currency rates, and capital mobility.

This session was part of CFR's Stephen C. Friedheim Symposium on Global Economics which was made possible through generous support from Stephen C. Freidheim.

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Financial System Stability

Speaker: Mohamed El-Erian

Mohamed El-Erian discusses how the crisis on Wall street will affect the global financial system, whether we can expect financial stability in the near future, and if there are any policy measures that can be taken to insulate the consumer from this crisis.

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Fixing Finance: Reactions and Over-Reactions (Audio)

Speakers: Peter R. Fisher, David S. Scharfstein, and Benn Steil
Presider: Alan S. Murray

Listen to experts examine steps taken to regulate financial markets and debate whether more should be done or if some actions should be undone.

This session was part of the Stephen C. Freidheim Symposium on Global Economics: Financial Turbulence and U.S. Power, which was made possible through the generous support of Stephen C. Freidheim.

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Global Imbalances and the Financial Crisis (Audio)

Speaker: Steven Dunaway
Presider: Sebastian Mallaby

Listen to Steven Dunaway, CFR Adjunct Senior Fellow for International Economics, lay out the argument of his recent Council Special Report and explain why in order for policymakers to tackle today's global economic crisis, they must go beyond bailouts and stimulus packages and focus on one of the crisis's root causes: imbalances between savings and investment in major countries.

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