International Finance


Too Big to Get Wrong: Getting Financial Regulatory Reform Right

Speaker: Robert E. Diamond
Presider: Maria Bartiromo

This meeting is part of the CEO Speaker Series. This series provides a forum for leading global CEOs to share their priorities and insights before a high-level audience of CFR members. The series aims to educate the CFR membership on the private sector's important role in the policy debate by engaging the global business community's top leadership. Members benefit from hearing CEOs' perspectives as well as interacting with them in an informal setting; in turn, CEOs have the opportunity to highlight the work of their organization and strengthen their relationship with CFR.

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Other Report

Global Imbalances, National Rebalancing, and the Political Economy of Recovery

Author: Jeffry A. Frieden

In this CGS/IIGG Working Paper, Jeffry A. Frieden reviews the historical record on the political fallout from the unraveling of macroeconomic imbalances. He warns that the coming adjustments may test the capacity of national governments and international institutions to maintain an open international economic order.

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Other Report

The Gloomy Prospects for World Growth

Author: Steven Dunaway

In this Center for Geoeconomic Studies Working Paper, Steven Dunaway argues that the world economy faces the prospect of a prolonged period of slower growth. Other sources of demand need to be found to take up the slack left by slower U.S. growth. However, the prospects for this do not look good, as none of the other major economies appear inclined to make the necessary changes in policies to deal with their imbalances and raise their demand.

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