International Organizations and Alliances


American Leadership and Global Governance in an Age of Nonpolarity (Audio)

Speakers: R. Nicholas Burns, David F. Gordon, and Ellen Laipson
Introductory Speaker: Richard N. Haass
Presider: Stewart M. Patrick

Listen to experts debate global institutional reform, including changes to the UN Security Council and international financial institutions, and the role the United States should be playing.

This session was part of the CFR Symposium on the United States and the Future of Global Governance, which was made possible by the generous support of the Robina Foundation.

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Arthur C. Helton Memorial Lecture: Holding World Leaders Accountable to Reducing Global Poverty and Protecting Civilians (Audio)

Speaker: Jan Egeland
Presider: Gillian M. Sorensen

Listen to Jan Egeland, special adviser to the secretary-general of the United Nations, discuss the current state of international humanitarian affairs and how world leaders can be more involved in solving related crises.

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