In Defense of Tesla's Price Tag

Author: Michael A. Levi
Fortune Magazine

According to Michael Levi , "selling Teslas (TSLA) to wealthy people today may be the best way to get electric cars to everyone tomorrow, and for the United States to eventually reduce its dependence on oil, with all the national security and economic benefits that entails."

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Primary Sources

The President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology adopted the recommendations of the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership (AMP) Steering Committee in July 2012. This report builds on the 2011 AMP report, Ensuring American Leadership in Advanced Manufacturing.

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Must Read Author: Steve Chapman

Steve Chapman writes that President Barack Obama and presidential candidate Rick Santorum agree about the wrong thing, and that by easing the tax burden of manufacturers at the expense of other companies, politicians encourage the superstition that the former are more valuable than the latter.

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Other Report
Renewing America

Renewing America

After Manufacturing

Author: Roland Stephen

North Carolina, which was struck harder by the loss of manufacturing than any other state, offers a realistic guide for communities across the United States with how best to adapt to this new era of growing international competition.

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