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'No Easy Fix' to the State of Foreign Reporting

Interview of: Kim Barker

As part of the Edward R. Murrow Press Fellowship 60th Anniversary initiative current and former fellows discuss the stories that have had the most impact and present ideas for sustaining serious international journalism. Current fellow Kim Barker discusses her preference for covering "how people live, not just how they die." Barker also comments on the future of foreign reporting pointing out that sustaining it is not going to be cheap. For more on the initiative, visit

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NY Review of Books: A New Horizon for the News

Author: Michael Massing

While the financial prospects of the American news business continues to look grim, statistics show interest in news has "rarely been greater." In this New York Review of Books article, Michael Massing tackles the paradox and why it's occuring. Massing also provides insight into how the news industry can benefit from its new and evolving structure.

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NY Review of Books: The News About the Internet

Author: Michael Massing

In this New York Review of Books article, Michael Massing argues that the debate among editors and reporters on the detrimental effects of Web and blogger-based journalism are outdated. Instead, Massing writes, critics should realize that the practice of journalism is "being reinvented there." Furthermore, Massing writes, those editors and executives at our top papers who fail to take note will only "hasten their own demise."

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