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Kupchan: Putin’s ‘Bolt from Blue’ on Missile Defense Highlight of G8 Conference

Charles A. Kupchan interviewed by Bernard Gwertzman

Charles A. Kupchan, CFR’s top European expert, says the just-concluded G8 conference in Germany was notable for the clear effort of Presidents Putin and Bush to put aside their sharp differences on European missile defense. Kupchan also noted the compromise worked out by Bush with the European Union states on climate control issues. For that, Kupchan says, Bush deserves some credit for avoiding confrontations, and his seeming willingness to reach accords.

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GIISA: Missile Defense in and for Europe?

Authors: Sascha Lange and Oliver Thranert

The United States' plan to place parts of its Missile Defense System in European countries, pursuant to bilateral agreements, has triggered a major political controversy in Germany. Sascha Lange and Oliver Thranert attempt to answer some of the more technical questions.

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CRS: Homeland Security: Protecting Airliners from Terrorist Missiles

Authors: Christopher Bolkcom and Bartholomew Elias

This report from the Congressional Research Service, the public policy research arm of Congress , focuses on the threat that terrorists with shoulder fired surface-to-air missiles (SAMs), referred to as Man-Portable Air Defense Systems (MANPADS), pose to commercial airliners. It discusses a range of options installing infrared (IR) countermeasures on aircraft; modifying flight operations and air traffic control procedures; improving airport and regional security; and strengthening missile non-proliferation efforts.

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NATO's Failure to Launch

Author: Colonel Chad T. Manske, USAF
National Interest

Colonel Chad T. Manske, USAF, says the question of what constitutes missile-defense interim capability will loom large over the NATO Summit, but the issue for NATO remains whether they can muster the political, diplomatic, economic, and technical will to bring a ballistic-missile defense capability on line.

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Iran's Missiles: Don't Go Ballistic

Authors: Dinshaw Mistry and Charles D. Ferguson
International Herald Tribune

Dinshaw Mistry and Charles D. Ferguson urge Europe and the United States not to rush decisions on deploying a missile defense system in Europe.

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Misguided Missile Defense

Authors: Stephen E. Flynn and John Tierney
The Boston Globe

Stephen E. Flynn and John Tierney argue that “the best way to mark the 25th anniversary of President Reagan’s ‘Star Wars’ speech would be with a debate about its strategic relevance in our post-Sept. 11 world.”

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