Council Special Report No. 51

The Future of NATO

Author: James M. Goldgeier

NATO has been a cornerstone of security in Europe--and of U.S. foreign policy--for six decades. But its ability to continue playing such a central role is unclear. James M. Goldgeier takes a sober look at what the alliance and its members must do to maintain NATO's relevance in the face of today's strategic environment.

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Conference Call Briefing: April 2009 NATO Summit

Speakers: Charles A. Kupchan and Jeffrey Mankoff
Presider: Robert McMahon

This is a Council on Foreign Relations media call on the upcoming NATO 60th anniversary Summit.  The meetings on April 3rd and 4th come right after the Group of 20 summit in London on the global financial crisis and that could suck some of the oxygen from the summitry in Strasburg and Kehl, but at the same time there are existential questions building for the alliance -- in particular, what is its role going to be in Afghanistan?

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Out of Area, Out of Business?

Author: Stewart M. Patrick
National Interest Online

Stewart M. Patrick argues that in Afghanistan, NATO is at risk of losing its relevance, and Washington should broaden NATO's horizons by seeking allied support for a regional approach to the conflict.

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Afghanistan Seen As Crucial Test

Author: James M. Goldgeier
Washington Times

James M. Goldgeier argues that while NATO has much to celebrate during its 60th anniversary, it must overcome its inability to operate effectively as a military alliance in Afghanistan in order to be relevant in the 21st century.

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