Nonstate Actors and Nongovernmental Organizations


Will China Close Its Doors?

Authors: Jerome A. Cohen and Ira Belkin
The New York Times

In this op-ed, coauthored with Ira Belkin, Cohen argues that a draft law targeting foreign institutions — including universities, museums, athletic and cultural groups, professional associations and all nonprofit social organizations established outside of mainland China — makes clear that Beijing has become much less welcoming.

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Primary Sources

Chinese Communist Party: Communiqué on the Current State of the Ideological Sphere

This communiqué (also known as Document 9, 9号文件 ) outlines how the Chinese Communist Party can resist what the Party considers ideological threats from "Western value systems," such as civil society organizations and universal values. The document also offers a definition of constitutionalism and human rights for China. Originally published in September 2013 by Mingjing Magazine, the Asia Society's ChinaFile translated and republished it with permission.

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News Release

State Department Needs “Clear Guidelines” on Engaging with Nonstate Armed Groups

Recent data on organized violence shows that conflicts between a state and one or more nonstate armed groups vastly outnumber interstate conflicts. As a result, argues former international affairs fellow Payton L. Knopf in a new CFR Working Paper, the State Department needs clear guidelines as to why, when, and how its diplomats should conduct outreach to these groups.

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