High Stakes

Authors: Jerome A. Cohen and Jon M. Van Dyke
South China Morning Post

Jerome A. Cohen and Jon M. Van Dyke discuss China's claim to the South China Sea.

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Trade vs. Marine Conservation

Environmental politics expert Pamela Chasek says the failure to protect a number of endangered marine species from international trade under a global treaty underscores the continuing tensions between short-term needs and sustainable development.

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Critical Choices in Ocean Governance

Speakers: Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Admiral Thad W. Allen, David Rockefeller Jr., and Tom Fry
Presider: Scott G. Borgerson

Experts on ocean governance gather in the Council's International Institutions and Global Governance Program meeting on U.S. ocean governance in an international context. They discuss the emerging issues of the high seas and how U.S. policies will interact with foreign initiatives and treay arrangements.

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