Make Sure Fracking is Done Right

Author: Michael A. Levi

According to Michael Levi, the boom in American energy production could be short-lived, "if we don't get serious about the accompanying risks and make sure that oil and gas development is done right."

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Why More U.S. Oil May Not Mean Cheaper U.S. Gas

Author: Michael A. Levi

In the first Bloomberg View excerpt of his forthcoming book The Power Surge, Michael Levi writes, "Oil markets are often as much about politics as economics, and predicting future political twists and turns should be done with care."

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The Power Surge

Author: Michael A. Levi

A groundbreaking analysis of what the changes in American energy mean for the economy, national security, and the environment, authored by one of America's most prominent experts on energy's role in the world.

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Must Read

NYT: Avoiding the Curse of the Oil-Rich Nations

Author: Tina Rosenberg

"If a government can finance itself through the profits on oil, it needn't collect taxes. Let me suggest that this is not a good thing. Taxes create accountability — citizens want to know how the government is spending their money. Substituting oil revenues decouples government from the people. The list of the world's worst-governed countries today features many that are dependent on the production of oil: Nigeria, Angola, Chad, Venezuela, Libya, Equatorial Guinea."

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Other Report

Using Oil Taxes to Improve Fiscal Reform

Authors: Daniel P. Ahn and Michael A. Levi

Taxes on oil consumption have long been a legislative third rail, yet concerns about the national debt may soon change that political calculus. Daniel Ahn and Michael Levi demonstrate that energy taxes can reduce the national debt and improve economic performance, all while reducing U.S. oil consumption.

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The False Promise of Energy Independence

Author: Michael A. Levi
New York Times

Michael A. Levi says, "The benefits of the oil and gas boom—jobs, wealth and, in the case of natural gas, reductions in greenhouse gas emissions—offer plenty of reasons to continue to develop these resources judiciously. But we should beware of turning this potential blessing into an unintended curse."

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