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Brookings: 2011 Arab Public Opinion Poll

Author: Shibley Telhami

This poll, conducted by Shibley Telhami, surveyed three thousand people in Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Lebanon, and the United Arab Emirates in October 2011, assessing attitudes toward the United States and the Obama administration, prospects for Arab-Israeli peace, the impact of the Arab awakening, the outlook for the Egyptian elections, and opinions on where the region is headed politically.

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Does Public Opinion Matter? World Attitudes on Global Governance

Speakers: Stewart M. Patrick and Steven G. Kull

President Obama has heralded a "new era of global engagement." But what do publics in the United States and around the world actually think about today's global challenges-and the international institutions to cope with them? Experts inaugurate the launch of Public Opinion on Global Issues (www.cfr.org/public_opinion), the most comprehensive digest ever assembled of existing polling data on U.S. and global public attitudes toward multilateral cooperation in the twenty-first century, by analyzing and discussing these questions.

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