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TIME: The Clean Energy Scam

Author: Michael Grunwald

The Amazon was the chic eco-cause of the 1990s, revered as an incomparable storehouse of biodiversity. This article by Michael Grunwald examines how even though the Amazon has been overshadowed lately by global warming, it happens also to be an incomparable storehouse of carbon, the very carbon that heats up the planet when it's released into the atmosphere.

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Asia's Achilles Heel

Author: David G. Victor

In this article for Newsweek, David Victor says that the deeper cause of China's recent power crisis lies in the fact that China's free-market policiesthe same ones that led to China's extraordinary growth in the past decadehave eroded the government's ability to control its economy. In fact, the big challenge in the coming Asian century may not be China and India's burgeoning strength but their weakness.

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