Spotlight on China: The Olympics

Speaker: Kenneth G. Lieberthal
Speaker: Sophie Richardson
Presider: Harry Harding

The increased international attention on China brought by the upcoming summer Olympics has fueled foreign demonstrations against China's political, environmental, and humanitarian policies, prompted a Chinese nationalist surge, and helped broadcast last month's tragic earthquake around the world. Join Kenneth Lieberthal and Tom Malinowski to discuss Beijing's reactions to the Olympic spotlight and the implications for China's domestic and foreign policies.

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UNEP: Year Book 2008

Climate change is now recognized as a universal public issue that dominates global attention. This UNEP Year Book documents concerns that emerged during 2007 and focuses on the interplay between environment and globalization and the emerging challenge of climate change in the Arctic.

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Pew: The European Union's Emissions Trading System In Perspective

Authors: A. Denny Ellerman and Paul L. Joskow

To meet its obligations to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) concentrations under the Kyoto Protocol, the European Union established the first cap-and-trade system for carbon dioxide emissions in the world starting in 2005. This report from the Pew Center on Global Climate Change discusses the development, structure, and performance of this system to date.

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TIME: The Clean Energy Scam

Author: Michael Grunwald

The Amazon was the chic eco-cause of the 1990s, revered as an incomparable storehouse of biodiversity. This article by Michael Grunwald examines how even though the Amazon has been overshadowed lately by global warming, it happens also to be an incomparable storehouse of carbon, the very carbon that heats up the planet when it's released into the atmosphere.

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