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NYT: China - Choking on Growth Part III

Author: Joseph Kahn

This powerful multimedia on pollution in Lake Tai, accompanying a compelling article written by Joseph Kahn, is a part of the New York Times special series examining China's environmental issues.

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Cuba's Oil Plans Raise Red Flags

Author: Captain Melissa Bert, USCG
Miami Herald

Captain Melissa Bert, USCG, argues that as Cuba moves ahead with plans for a mobile offshore drilling unit, the United States must incorporate Cuba in emergency response coordination and joint operations, work through sanctions hurdles, and properly fund a response to a potential disaster.

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Environment Gridlock

Author: David G. Victor

In this Newsweek article, David Victor warns that delivering greenery in the American political system will be difficult. On climate issues, America is less a nation than 50 different states moving at different speeds.

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Asia's Achilles Heel

Author: David G. Victor

In this article for Newsweek, David Victor says that the deeper cause of China's recent power crisis lies in the fact that China's free-market policiesthe same ones that led to China's extraordinary growth in the past decadehave eroded the government's ability to control its economy. In fact, the big challenge in the coming Asian century may not be China and India's burgeoning strength but their weakness.

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