Helping Haiti Beyond the Earthquake

Haiti's horrific earthquake is a setback for the country's slowly improving development, says Edward Luck, vice president and director of studies at the International Peace Institute. While international efforts are important, especially in providing relief, over the long-term, Haiti's development must be driven by Haitians, he says.

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Kassalow: Eyeglasses for the Developing World

Jordan Kassalow, former CFR fellow for global health policy, says the problem of untreated impaired vision in the developing world is “huge,” and if this simple probem cannot be addressed, it does not bode well for more complex health issues such as HIV/AIDS.

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Primary Sources

Millennium Development Goals Indicators

This official list of Millennium Development Goals Indicators is maintained by the UN. It includes indicators on poverty, hunger, gender equality, disease, education, maternal health, child mortality, environmental stability, and development.

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