A Chinese View of NPT Conference

Li Hong interviewed by Bernard Gwertzman

Questions about Iran and North Korea will undoubtedly be on the table at the UN's NPT Review Conference. But expert Li Hong says those issues are best handled outside the conference, which will be more effective focusing on nuclear disarmament, nonproliferation of weapons, and the peaceful uses of nuclear energy.

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Must Read

WSJ: Debating Obama's New Nuclear Doctrine

Authors: George P. Shultz, Paul D. Wolfowitz, James R. Schlesinger, Fred C. Iklé, Richard N. Perle, and Richard R. Burt

Last week, the Obama administration began to unveil its new nuclear strategy. We asked six former U.S. foreign policy officials to reflect on the administration's Nuclear Posture Review, the new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty with Russia, and whether Mr. Obama's emerging nuclear doctrine is a move in the right direction.

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A Chance to Boost Nuclear Security

Tanya Ogilvie-White interviewed by Bernard Gwertzman

The summit in Washington may produce commitment to a plan for securing nuclear materials from terrorists, largely because of President Obama's demonstrated willingness to commit the U.S. to nonproliferation and disarmament goals, says nonproliferation expert Tanya Ogilvie-White.

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Nuclear Posture Review

Speakers: General James Cartwright, Thomas D'agostino, Robert J. Einhorn, and Bradley H. Roberts
Presider: James M. Lindsay

In this special briefing, four experts answer questions about the Obama Administration's nuclear weapons strategy and policy for the next five to ten yeas, as outlined in the Nuclear Posture Review. 

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UN Sanctions May Sting Iran's Guard

Kenneth Katzman interviewed by Bernard Gwertzman

Iran's Revolutionary Guard will likely be the target of UN Security Council sanctions that could be ready within weeks, says Iran sanctions expert Kenneth Katzman, while Congress focuses on preventing U.S. companies from selling gasoline and refining equipment to Iran.

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