Nuclear Agenda Rising to Top of World Issues in 2010

Paul Lettow interviewed by Bernard Gwertzman

A CFR expert on nuclear issues, Paul Lettow says President Obama's agenda will be heavily tilted toward nuclear issues in 2010. He says this is "the ideal moment for strong American leadership on these issues," and despite Obama's disappointment in not wrapping up a new START treaty by the end of the year, Lettow expects the treaty to be signed in early 2010.

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Foreign Affairs Article

The Long Road to Zero

Author: Charles D. Ferguson

If the Obama administration has any hope of reducing the world's nuclear arsenals, the U.S. government will have to assuage the fears of nonnuclear states, diminish the prestige of nuclear weapons, and address the risk of proliferation posed by civilian nuclear energy programs.

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Nuclear Quagmire with Iran

George R. Perkovich interviewed by Bernard Gwertzman

A leading arms control expert, George Perkovich says Iranian domestic disputes have apparently doomed its agreement to ship processed uranium out of the country. The UN Security Council, he says, must be prepared to  increase pressure on the regime.

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Iran's Nuclear Diversion

Author: Ray Takeyh
Washington Post

Ray Takeyh writes that the Iranian administration is diverting attention to its nuclear program as a way to avoid scrutiny of its attempts to squash democratic dissent within Iran.

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