Public Health Threats and Pandemics

Foreign Affairs Article

Unprepared for a Pandemic

Author: Michael Osterholm

The need to prepare for an influenza pandemic has not yet sunk in, partly because disaster has not yet struck. But that good news could turn into very bad news if it leads to slacking off on necessary preparations today: although no one can predict when or how, a pandemic will occur for sure, and it will have implications far beyond its toll on human health.

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Must Read

BMO Nesbitt-Burns: Avian Flu Crisis Economic Update (PDF)

Author: Sherry Cooper

Sherry Cooper argues that the long-term economic effects of a pandemic could lead to considerable supply and demand effects. Loss of labour and trade would dominate the supply-side effect and social distancing and fear would increase the demand for essentials such as non-perishable food, water, medical supplies and health-care services, but reduce the demand for virtually everything else.

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