Regional Security


Iraq’s Impact on the Future of U.S. Foreign and Defense Policy, Session 1: The United States and the Middle East [Rush Transcript; Federal News Service]

Speakers: Toby Dodge, Steven Simon, and Shibley Telhami

F. Gregory Gause III leads a discussion on the impact of the U.S. intervention in Iraq on the wider Middle East. Shibley Telhami sums up the discussion by acknowledging that pulling out of Iraq today could lead toward even more civil war but says, “At this point, whatever we do, we have very little impact on the outcome in Iraq, whether we stay or go.”

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North Korea, Nuclear Diplomacy, and Regional Security in Northeast Asia

Speakers: Stephen W. Bosworth and Han Sung-Joo
Presider: Richard C. Bush III

Stephen Bosworth of Tufts University and Korea University's Han Sung-Joo join Richard Bush of the Center for East Asia Policy Studies to discuss the history of nuclear negotiations with North Korea and outline the potential policy options going forward.

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Inside Korea

Speakers: Hyun In-taek, Kim Tae-young, and Charles L. "Jack" Pritchard

Hyun In-taek and Kim Tae-young discuss their experiences managing crises on the Korean peninsula in 2010 and their policy recommendations for future U.S.-ROK cooperation.

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