Analysis Brief

A Political Turning Point for Egypt?

Author: Deborah Jerome

The weekend's military crackdown on Coptic Christian demonstrations in Cairo underscores Egypt's sectarian problems, the entrenched power of the military, and the weakness of the country's economy.

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Backgrounder Author: Toni Johnson

A decade after 9/11, U.S. Muslims grapple with their place in American society in the face of concerns about homegrown terrorism and questions by non-Muslims over the threat they might pose.

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Must Read

FP: Showdown in Tehran

Author: Vali R. Nasr

In his piece for Foreign Policy, Vali Nasr explores Iran's main political fissure, specifically how Ahmadinejad is a threat to clerical supremacy, but without him, Khomeinism is even more vulnerable to reformist challengers.

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The Role of the Community of Faith in HIV Prevention

Speakers: Bishop Charles E. Blake, Kenneth Hackett, and Jed Hoffman
Presider: Laurie Garrett

Experts discuss how to equip and mobilize churches and faith communities to respond to the needs of those affected by HIV/AIDS in positive ways that target the stigmas associated with the pandemic, while improving access to HIV/AIDS treatment. Bishop Charles E. Blake, chairman and CEO of Save Africa's Children, emphasizes that the black church must emulate the Biblical leader Joseph's actions, providing humanitarian assistance to brothers and sisters struggling in Africa, the "homeland."

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Islam in America

Speakers: Daisy Khan, Eboo Patel, and Mohamed Younis
Presider: Calvin Sims

Experts examine myths regarding American Muslims and address fears of Islam in the United States.

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