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Daily Times: Religious bigotry and the UN

Author: Peter Jacob

In this op-ed from Pakistan's Daily Times, Peter Jacob explores the reasons for why the UN Resolution on Defamation of Religions has caught little attention in Pakistan and recommends that the Pakistani government review its position on the resolution, pointing out that it will undermine the development in the conceptual framework and implementation of human rights.

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The Eclipse of the Sunnis (Audio)

Speaker: Deborah Amos
Presider: Irina A. Faskianos

Listen to NPR's Foreign Correspondent Deborah Amos discuss her new book Eclipse of the Sunnis, about the forced migration of the Sunnis from Iraq following the outbreak of sectarian violence in the wake of the U.S.-led invasion of the country, as part of CFR's Religion and Foreign Policy Conference Call series.

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Journal of Democracy: Do Muslims Vote Islamic?

Authors: Charles Kurzman and Ijlal Naqvi

Those who warn against efforts to promote free elections in Muslim-majority countries often point to the threat posed by Islamic parties that stand ready to use democracy against itself. Writing for the Journal of Democracy, Charles Kurzman and Ijlal Naqvi examine the historical record of Islamic parties and Muslim voters.

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Don't Blame The Jews

Author: Walter Russell Mead
American Interest

Walter Russell Mead discusses the history of American Christian missionaries in the Arab world and their role in shaping American public opinion.

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A Conversation with Desmond Tutu

Speaker: Desmond Tutu
Presider: Peggy Dulany

Watch Desmond Tutu, archbishop emeritus and Nobel peace laureate, discuss faith and foreign policy.

This meeting was the annual David A. Morse Lecture and was cosponsored with the CFR Religion and Foreign Policy Initiative.

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