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New Academy Review: Global Renewable Energy Markets and Policies

Author: Eric Martinot

Global renewable energy markets have grown tremendously in the past decade. This paper provides a survey of the existing markets for renewable energy, the past and existing policies
that have facilitated those markets, and the implications of electric power sector restructuring for
renewable energy. The paper concludes by considering future prospects, from both economic and policy perspectives.

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"Do India's Renewable Energy Targets Make Sense?"

Author: Varun Sivaram
CFR Blog: Energy, Security, and Climate

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government recently set a target of 100 GW of solar panels in India by 2022, a target that would leapfrog India over all developed countries. Varun Sivaram critically examines how realistic the Modi Government’s ambition is for India to become the “renewable energy capital of the world.”

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Los Angeles and Connecticut: A Continent Apart, Similar Paths to Clean Energy

Authors: Varun Sivaram and Daniel C. Esty
EnergyBiz Magazine

Both Connecticut and Los Angeles are pursuing cheaper, cleaner and more reliable renewable power generation during a decline in federal funding for clean energy projects. Along with Energy Commissioner Dan Esty, Varun Sivaram explains how this state and city are each leading the way to offer creative new approaches to financing clean energy initiatives and pursing a more reliable energy future.

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