Rule of Law


China Rips Up Rule Book

Authors: Jerome A. Cohen and Yu-Jie Chen
The Age

Jerome A. Cohen and Yu-Jie Chen argue that the Rio Tinto case in China put the spotlight on China's domestic legal system while also raising doubts about its international legal commitments.

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The People's Will

Authors: Jerome A. Cohen and Oliver Zhong
South China Morning Post

Jerome A. Cohen and Oliver Zhong discuss how during a recent murder trial in China, public sentiment played a role in the judicial process.

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Nigeria's Leadership Crisis

Author: John Campbell
Business Day

"President Yar'Adua's periodic illness since 2007, beyond depriving Nigeria of its leading regional role," states John Campbell, "has also created a succession crisis that raises the stakes for military adventurism."

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The Colombian Miracle

Authors: Max Boot and Richard Bennet
Weekly Standard

"The turnaround in the past decade is so dramatic as to be almost unbelievable," write Max Boot and Richard Bennet, commenting on the positive changes in Colombia since it was on the brink of being taken over by insurgents as recently as 2000.

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Must Read

WSJ: Presumption of Guilt

In Mexico's dysfunctional legal system, an arrest most often leads to a conviction. Exposing both that corruption and a glimpse of hope, David  Luhnow follows the story of one street vendor--wrongly convicted of murder--who won his freedom thanks to an unconventional approach by two determined lawyers.

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What Iran Wants

Manouchehr Mottaki interviewed by Greg Bruno

Ahead of Iran's talks with world powers, Iranian Foreign Minister tells Tehran will push for recognition of its legal right to enrich uranium, and seek to broaden negotiations to include political, economic, and security partnerships.

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