Society and Culture

Op-Ed Author: Edward Alden

Edward Alden says increased internal and external border enforcement as well as economic crisis has decreased the population of unauthorized immigrants in both Europe and the US. Policies should provide incentives to encourage legal migration rather than just disincentives against illegal migration.

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Crime and Punishment

Author: Mohamad Bazzi
New York Times

Mohamad Bazzi reviews "Heaven on Earth," by Sadaket Kadri, which describes the historic debates around Islamic law. Bazzi asks how the Islamic parties in Tunisia and Egypt will shape the evolution of Sharia in the future.

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The Health Time Bomb That Could Cost Us Billions

Author: Michael W. Hodin
The Fiscal Times

Michael W. Hodin says the global forecast for Alzheimer's is not good, arguing, "If we don't make significant strides in prevention, treatment and cures, Alzheimer's will turn the miracle of longevity into a society-wide curse."

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