State Sponsors of Terrorism


Sorry, but North Korea Isn’t a State Sponsor of Terrorism

Author: Micah Zenko

Senior administration officials have discussed the possibility of placing North Korea on the State Sponsor of Terrorism list after the hack of Sony Pictures Entertainment. Micah Zenko argues that North Korea is not a state-sponsor of terrorism and “rather than misapplying this outdated punishment against countries that the United States has non-terrorism-related disagreements with, an entirely new designation is necessary.”

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Latest U.S.-N. Korea Deal Is a 'Very Modest Step' Forward

Gary Samore interviewed by Bernard Gwertzman

Gary Samore, who was active in nuclear diplomacy with North Korea in the Clinton administration, says the latest agreement between the United States and North Korea is only a "very modest step forward" because it allows the next administration to proceed further in seeking a nuclear-disarmed North Korea.


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Council Special Report No. 39

Deterring State Sponsorship of Nuclear Terrorism

Author: Michael A. Levi

Unlike during the Cold War, the threat of nuclear attack now comes from rogue states that receive their weapons from sovereign nations. In this report, Michael A. Levi outlines how to discourage those nations from giving their nuclear technologies to terrorists, how to prevent accidental transfers, and the role that nuclear attribution plays in contemporary proliferation.

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How Libya Got Off the List

Author: Eben Kaplan

Libya, for years a thorn in the side of U.S. policymakers, has boosted its profile in recent years, renouncing terrorism and abandoning its WMD. In response, the U.S. State Department has removed Libya from its list of state sponsors of terrorism and plans to resume normal diplomatic relations.

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