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CRS: International Corporate Tax Rate Comparisons and Policy Implications

This report focuses on the global issues relating to tax rate differentials between the United States and other countries. It provides tax rate comparisons; discusses policy implications, including the effect of a corporate rate cut on revenue, output, and national welfare; and discusses the outlook for and consequences of a revenue neutral corporate tax reform.

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Must Read Author: David Leonhardt

American companies are often paying far less than the official federal corporate tax rate of 35 percent,  David Leonhardt of the New York Times writes in this article. The official rate is higher than in almost any other country, which forces companies to devote enormous time and effort to finding loopholes.

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Must Read Author: James Bickley

Due to an increasing U.S. Federal government deficit many groups now argue for the institution of a national value-added tax (VAT) to increase government revenue. James M. Bickley of the Congressional Research Service examines the plausibility of enacting such a plan.

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