Technology Transfer

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Atlantic Monthly: The Moguls' New Clothes

Authors: Bruce Greenwald, Jonathan A. Knee, and Ava Seave

Bruce C. Greenwald, Jonathan A. Knee, and Ava Seave say media companies will continue to dissapoint their shareholders until they are able to "jettison the flawed thinking" they've followed over the past two decades.

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What Tata Tells Us

Author: Matthew J. Slaughter
Wall Street Journal

Ford Motor Company recently announced it will sell its Jaguar and Land Rover divisions to India's Tata Group. In this Wall Street Journal op-ed Matthew Slaughter argues that such foreign direct investment has long been a source of strength for the American economy. American policy makers should strive to make the U.S. a premier location for the dynamic, high-productivity activities of globally engaged companies—both insourcing companies and U.S. multinationals alike.

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IISD: Trade Policy Tools and Instruments for Addressing Climate Change and Sustainable Development

Tackling climate change will involve fundamental economic restructuring of the world's systems of energy production, of transportation, of manufacturing, of resource extraction and harvesting. The International Institute for Sustainable Development writes a scoping paper for the Trade Ministers' Dialogue on Climate Change.

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