Arms Control, Disarmament, and Nonproliferation

Primary Sources

United States’ Draft Fissile Material Cut-Off Treaty, 2006

This draft treaty was presented by Stephen Rademaker of the Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation, on May 18, 2006 at the UN Conference on Disarmament. A July 2006 CRS report on the topic states, "The U.S. draft treaty would enter into force with only the five established nuclear weapon states. It would ban new production of plutonium and highly enriched uranium for use in nuclear weapons for 15 years; could be extended only by consensus of the parties; would allow high-enriched uranium production for naval fuel; and contains no provisions for verification other than national technical means."

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Unfinished Business

Authors: Frank G. Klotz, Susan J. Koch, and Franklin C. Miller
International Herald Tribune

Frank G. Klotz, Susan J. Koch, and Franklin C. Miller argue that as the United States and Russia continue to reduce long-range, strategic nuclear weapons to increasingly lower levels, a disparity in tactical nuclear weapons has serious implications for the overall nuclear balance between the two countries and the continued efficacy of the U.S. nuclear umbrella for its allies.

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