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NYTimes: Who Is Watching the Watch Lists?

Author: Susan Stellin

"The government refuses to confirm or deny whether someone is on the list, officially called the Terrorist Screening Database, or divulge the criteria used to make the decisions—other than to say the database includes 'individuals known or suspected to be or have been engaged in conduct constituting, in preparation for, in aid of, or related to terrorism and terrorist activities.' Even less is known about the secondary watch lists that are derived from the main one."

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Teaching Module

Teaching Module: Nigeria: Dancing on the Brink

Author: John Campbell

This module features Teaching Notes by author and CFR Senior Fellow John Campbell with discussion questions, essay questions, activities, and additional materials for educators to supplement the use of the updated CFR book Nigeria: Dancing on the Brink in the classroom. In this book, Ambassador Campbell examines Nigeria's postcolonial past and offers policy options for the United States to help promote political, social, and economic development.

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Research Links


Terrorism Research Links provide news, definitions and history, terrorism organizations and networks, responses to terrorism, resources on 9/11 and more.

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