Terrorist Attacks


Media Conference Call: Trial of Accused 9/11 Terrorists (Audio)

Speakers: Steven Simon and John B. Bellinger III
Presider: Lydia Khalil

Listen to John B. Bellinger III, Steven Simon, and Lydia Khalil consider the ramifications of the Justice department's controversial decision to prosecute suspected September 11th mastermind, Khalid Sheik Mohammed, and his four alleged co-conspirators.

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I Heard the Sirens Scream

Author: Laurie Garrett

Missing from the body of literature about 9/11 and the anthrax scare that followed is a sense of what 2001 felt like for those that experienced the events in a very personal way. This book bridges the divide and offers new insights into the period, presenting its profound implications for public health, mass psychology, governance, scientific integrity, social resilience and cohesion, criminal justice, and America's sense of itself.

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Contingency Planning Memorandum

Terrorism and Indo-Pakistani Escalation

Author: Daniel S. Markey

India faces the real prospect of another major terrorist attack by Pakistan-based terrorist organizations in the near future, an event that would jeopardize important U.S. security interests in South Asia. This Center for Preventive Action Contingency Planning Memorandum examines the factors that would condition India's response; the consequences of Indian military retaliation and Pakistani counterretaliation for the United States; and Washington's policy options for preventing and containing the crisis.

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First Take

Moscow: Terror from the North Caucasus?

Author: Jeffrey Mankoff

The suicide attacks in Moscow, whether or not the work of North Caucasus extremists, are a reminder that Russia must work to reform local administration, promote economic development, and end abuses by security forces in the region while cracking down on extremists, writes CFR Russia expert Jeffrey Mankoff.

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Kipper: Palestinian Economic Desperation May Radicalize Population

Judith Kipper interviewed by Bernard Gwertzman

Judith Kipper says the economic boycott of the Hamas government has created a major crisis in the Palestinian territories: "The situation is extremely dangerous because the humanitarian despair is really, really drastic, particularly in Gaza: people are hungry and dying." She says both Israel and the United States miscalculated when they sought to cut off the newly-elected Hamas government from international aid.

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Must Read

TIME: The Agents of Outrage

Author: Bobby Ghosh

In the wake of the deadly attacks on U.S. diplomatic missions in Egypt and Libya, Bobby Ghosh writes that the newly-formed democratic governments which replaced long-standing dictatorships, as a result of the Arab Spring, has contributed to greater instability and a more chaotic and unstable Middle East.

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