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Washington Institute: Combating Terrorist Financing in Europe: Gradual Progress

Author: Michael Jacobson

In this policy paper, Michael Jacobson, a senior fellow in The Washington Institute's Stein Program on Terrorism, Intelligence, and Policy, says that despite new British initiatives to combat terrorist financing following the July 2005 terrorist subway and bus attacks in London and the disrupted terrorist plot to blow up U.S.-bound planes flying from Heathrow airport in August 2006, the efforts of the European Union (EU) to do the same lack consistency and effect. He says bureaucratic obstacles limit European efforts to designate terrorist entities and freeze their assets.

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Washington Institute: Follow the Money: Challenges and Opportunities in the Campaign to Combat Terrorism Financing

Author: Matthew Levitt

Notes of remarks by Matthew Levitt at a recent Washington Institute policy forum on combating terrorism financing in which he said that in addition to publicly reported interventions to disrupt the financing of terrorist activities, the US government and its allies are also conducting equally productive anti-terror activities through diplomacy, law enforcement, covert activity, and intelligence collection. 

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CRS Report: Terrorist Financing

Author: Martin A. Weiss

Stopping the ability of terrorists to finance their operations is a key component of the U.S. counterterrorism strategy. To accomplish this, the Administration has implemented a three-tiered approach based on (1) intelligence and domestic legal and regulatory efforts; (2) technical assistance to provide capacity-building programs for U.S. allies; and (3) global efforts to create international norms and guidelines. Effective implementation of this strategy requires the participation of, and coordination among, several elements of the U.S. Government. This report provides an agency-by-agency survey of U.S. efforts.

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CRS Report: Saudi Arabia: Terrorist Financing Issues

Authors: Alfred B. Prados and Christopher M. Blanchard

This report reviews allegations of Saudi involvement in terrorist financing
together with Saudi rebuttals, discusses the question of Saudi support for religious
charities and schools (madrasas) abroad, discusses recent steps taken by Saudi
Arabia to counter terrorist financing (many in conjunction with the United States),
and suggests some implications of recent Saudi actions for the war on terrorism.

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Task Force Report No. 40B

Update on the Global Campaign Against Terrorist Financing

While “al-Qaeda’s current and prospective ability to raise and move funds with impunity has been significantly diminished...al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations still have ready access to financial resources, and that fact constitutes an ongoing threat to the United States.” So warns this independent Task Force report, a follow-on to the Council’s 2002 report that concludes individuals and organizations based in Saudi Arabia were the most important source of Qaeda funding.

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