Terrorist Organizations and Networks

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Final Communique from International Conference on Peace and Security in Iraq

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs hosted delegations from twenty-six countries to support Iraq in its efforts to eliminate the terrorist group Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). The final communique, released September 15, 2014, acknowledged the newly formed government in Iraq and agreed to provide military assistance and to implementing UN Security Council resolutions regarding violations of human rights, recruitment and radicalization of terrorists, and terrorist financing.

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Primary Sources

An Open Letter: The Hizballah Program

Hezbollah was founded in Lebanon in 1982 as a Shiite Muslim political group with a militant wing. On February 16, 1985, Hezbollal published its manifesto,"Nass al-Risala al-Maftuha allati wajahaha Hizballah ila-l-Mustad'afin fi Lubnan wa-l-Alam," which explains the characteristics of its membership and its goals. A slightly abridged translation was provided in the Jerusalem Quarterly in the fall of 1988.

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