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Analysis Brief

Morass in Somalia Deepens

Ethiopian troops appear to have won a military victory over Somalia's Islamic Courts militias, who fled Mogadishu Thursday. Their exit leaves a power vacuum in Somalia, and the United States’ focus on counterterrorism in the Horn of Africa may hinder its ability to defuse the crisis.

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Analysis Brief

What ‘Civil War’ Means for Iraq

Escalating sectarian violence in Iraq has prompted a debate among members of the media and foreign policy community over whether the conflict qualifies as a “civil war.” The debate sets the backdrop for a bipartisan commission’s recommendations on what to do next in Iraq.

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Analysis Brief

Iraq Troop Levels Again At Issue

Stretching back to Vietnam, the number of U.S. forces deployed in combat has played heavily in American politics. As U.S. casualties in Iraq continue to climb, troop levels again have become a hot-button electoral issue. 

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Analysis Brief

The Fight Over Iraq

Iraq's sectarian violence took a turn for the worse this summer, fueling fears of an all-out civil war on one hand, and a fierce battle over the wisdom of the Bush administration's policies on the other as America's mid-term elections approach.

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Analysis Brief

The War’s Forgotten Front

While the war raged in Lebanon, the other theater in the Arab-Israeli conflict, Gaza, was often overlooked. Though a cease-fire has stopped the fighting in the north, violence continues in Gaza. But Palestinian officials may form a "national unity" government as a result.

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Analysis Brief

Diplomacy Flags, Mideast War Rages

After an Israeli air strike kills nearly sixty civilians in a Lebanese village, Israeli officials call a two-day halt to aerial attacks on Lebanon. But other fighting continues, and efforts to arrange a cease-fire and peacekeeping force fall victim to confusing signals from Washington and other diplomatic players.

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Analysis Brief

Mideast Conflict Rages On

Israeli air strikes continue to destroy Lebanon's infrastructure as Hezbollah rockets target Israeli cities. Experts say the violence is the result of regional political maneuvering by Iran and Syriausing as their proxies Hezbollah and, to a lesser extent, Hamasthat makes a quick end to the conflict unlikely.

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Analysis Brief

Violence Plagues Middle East

Violence worsens as Israeli forces move deeper into Palestinian territories in search of an Israeli soldier held by militants. Regional efforts to secure the soldier's release have had little effect as Palestinians continue launching rockets at Israel and the Israeli government escalates its military campaign.

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Analysis Brief

Israelis Press on in Gaza

Israeli forces have broadened their ground and air assault from the Gaza Strip to the West Bank, where they arrested some dozen Hamas cabinet ministers and lawmakers. The operation came as Palestinian factions neared agreement on an approach to peace talks that could commit Hamas to an implicit recognition of Israel's right to exist.

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