Weapons of Mass Destruction


Perkovich: If Iran Stone-Walls, Stop Trying to Negotiate

George R. Perkovich interviewed by Bernard Gwertzman

George Perkovich, an expert on Iran's nuclear program, says the United States and its negotiating partners should set a deadline for Iran to agree to negotiations on suspending its nuclear enrichment program. If Iran still refuses to talk, he says, the negotiators should pull all previous incentive offers from the table and seek tougher sanctions.

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Primary Sources

Convention on Cluster Munitions

This treaty was drafted at the Diplomatic Conference for the Adoption of a Convention on Cluster Munitions in Dublin, Ireland from May 19-31, 2008. The United States did not attend the conference. The treaty was the result would ban "cluster munitions that cause unacceptable harm to civilians." The treaty was signed on December 3-4, 2008 in Oslo, Norway, and it entered into force on 01 August 2010.

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Must Read

FEER: U.S.-Japan Ties

Author: Nathan Robb

Nathan Robb, a political analyst at the Consulate General of Japan in New York, writes about the discussions between South Korean, Japanese, and American envoys on North Korean nuclear affairs. Japan has reservations about negotiating with the North Koreans when they have not acknowledged the abduction of dozens of Japanese civilians from 1979 to 1983.

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