Women as Change Agents in the Recovery from the Global Financial Crisis

Speaker: Robert Zoellick
Presider: Cokie Roberts

This event will serve as the inaugural meeting of a new Council on Foreign Relations series on women and development, sponsored by ExxonMobil. The series focuses on innovative approaches to advance economic opportunities for women and girls worldwide. Join Robert B. Zoellick for a discussion of women's roles in recovery from the global financial crisis.

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Reform and Women's Rights Movements Intertwined in Iran

Isobel Coleman interviewed by Bernard Gwertzman

Following the 2009 disputed Iran presidential election, CFR's Isobel Coleman, a leading expert on women's issues, says that if Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's victory stands, "you'll see a much more restricted Iran." This will "fall heavily on women, but it won't stop them," she says.

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