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Issue Guide: Japan's Triple Crisis

Author: Staff
Updated: April 12, 2011


On March 11, the largest earthquake on record struck Japan and generated a thirty-foot tsunami that inundated the country's northeast coast. The death toll is estimated at over thirteen thousand with thousands more missing, and the country is grappling with power shortages, search and rescue efforts, and the need to provide shelter and other services for victims. The disaster also caused a set of catastrophic events at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. Over one hundred thousand people have been evacuated in the area surrounding the plant; some are already suffering from radiation exposure. Several powerful aftershocks have complicated search and rescue efforts and hampered official efforts at bringing the nuclear situation under control. The triple-fold crisis has ignited debate over the prospects for the Japanese economy and has significant implications for the future of nuclear power in Japan and around the world.


Nuclear Crisis

Energy Policy Impact

Economic Impact


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