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NYT: A New Path for Japan

Author: Yukio Hatoyama
August 26, 2009


Yukio Hatoyama, head of the victorious Democratic Party of Japan, outlines his party's philosophy of tempering the excesses of market capitalism with the French idea of fraternity and of moving towards regional integration and collective security in Asia.

In the post-Cold War period, Japan has been continually buffeted by the winds of market fundamentalism in a U.S.-led movement that is more usually called globalization. In the fundamentalist pursuit of capitalism people are treated not as an end but as a means. Consequently, human dignity is lost.

How can we put an end to unrestrained market fundamentalism and financial capitalism, that are void of morals or moderation, in order to protect the finances and livelihoods of our citizens? That is the issue we are now facing.

In these times, we must return to the idea of fraternity - as in the French slogan "liberté, égalité, fraternité" - as a force for moderating the danger inherent within freedom.

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