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Roads, Power, and Schools: A Brighter Future for Bishkek and the Region

Author: Colonel Blaine Holt, USAF, Former Military Fellow, U.S. Air Force.
December 13, 2010
American Foreign Policy Interests



This analysis of U.S. perspectives on Kyrgyzstan centers on the debate that has emerged over seemingly contending objectives of U.S. policy: stability versus democracy, and concludes that they are complementary, not conflicting, goals. In reaching that conclusion, the article traces the combative style of political leadership in Kyrgyzstan since it became independent of the
Soviet Union, explains the strategic importance of the country within the region, identifies it as the vital airborne logistic hub for operations in Afghanistan, and makes a telling case for
concluding that rebuilding its crumbling infrastructure with U.S. aid and manpower will lead to the development of programs and institutions from which a democracy can evolve.

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