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USIP: Liberia's Peacebuilding Effort: One Year after Transition

Authors: Dorina Bekoe, and Christina Parajon
December 2006


This report from the US Institute for Peace (USIP) details the first meeting of the Liberia Working Group, in November 2006. The Group was convened to address the major topics in Liberia's peacebuilding efforts, with a view to maintaining international interest, support, and engagement in Liberia to ensure a durable peace following the election of a democratic government led by President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf in November 2005. This briefing highlights the central points of the meeting and panelists' recommendations for the way forward: participants lauded Liberia for its efforts to reform the security sector, the establishment of the truth and reconciliation commission, and strong support from the United States. On the other hand, they raised concerns about the incomplete disarmament process, persistent bias in the media, lagging legal reform, and the continuing fragility of the sub-region.

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