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loading... Companies Begin Distancing Themselves After WikiLeaks Founder's Arrest

Author: Sue Reisinger
December 8, 2010


On, Sue Reisinger reports on financial companies restricting funding to WikiLeaks following its founder Julian Assange's arrest.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been arrested, as Visa and MasterCard joined companies that are distancing themselves from the online publisher of classified documents to avoid increased scrutiny and political pressure.

Assange was arrested in Great Britain where a London judge Tuesday denied him bail. He said in court he would continue fighting efforts to extradite him to Sweden to face a sex-assault investigation.

Assange has denied the accusations, which have nothing to do with his continuing to publish classified U.S. diplomatic cables.

Meanwhile on Tuesday the organization's finances came under increasing pressure as both Visa and Mastercard joined two other sources that have cut off funding methods. Visa announced it had suspended all payments to WikiLeaks pending an investigation of the organization's business.

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