The World This Week

October 29, 2010

In this issue:

U.S. Midterm Elections Analysis

On Tuesday, voters across the country will go to the polls to elect the 112th United States Congress. This guide provides a range of CFR background and analysis of the 2010 midterm elections' foreign policy implications. Read more

Backgrounders: 2010 Midterms and Foreign Policy

New START and Arms Control

Spending Wars


Energy and Climate Policy


War in Afghanistan

CFR experts on U.S. Strategy and Politics

Iran's Nuclear Program beyond Bushehr

Iran's fueling of the Bushehr reactor is a reminder of ongoing concerns about the country's nuclear intentions. Negotiations with Iran on a broad set of issues, though unlikely, might be the best path, says CFR's Emma Belcher. Read more

Interview: "A Cautionary Note on Iran" by Matthew Fuhrmann

First Take: "Hezbollah & Iran - Lebanon's Power Couple" by Mohamad Bazzi

Op-ed: "Domestic Politics Color Iran's Susceptibility to Western Courtship" by Ray Takeyh (Washington Post)

Backgrounder: Iran's nuclear program

Interactive: Timeline - U.S.-Iran Relations Since World War II

CFR experts on Iran

The G20 Takes a Step Back

The G20 finance ministers' agreement may have helped avert a global currency war. However, by potentially shifting the focus toward reducing external imbalance, there is a risk that policy adjustments needed to deal with imbalances among the major world economies will be neglected, writes CFR's Steven Dunaway. Read more

Analysis Brief: G20's tepid economic reform

Article: "The G20 and the United States - Opportunities for More Effective Multilateralism" by Stewart Patrick (The Century Foundation)

Op-ed: "Reluctant Warriors" by Evan Feigenbaum (Foreign Policy)

First Take: "Holding Fire on China's Exchange Rate" by Steven Dunaway

Op-ed: "Building a Durable Recover - Is the Answer in the Aggregates?" by Benn Steil (Financial News)

Chart: Geographics - "Why China Should Revalue"

Interactive: Crisis Guide - The Global Economy

CFR experts on International Finance